Workshop ‘Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs’

Workshop ‘Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs’

Mar 14, 2018 1h

Have you ever wondered how the saying; “success breeds success” actually works? And more importantly how can you experience it for yourself, then understand how to keep a competitive edge that seems to elute 90% of people who want to achieve more, but don’t seem to be satisfied with their pace or level of results. By now most of us have discovered that some online courses, coaching or transcendental methods alone don’t result in deep and lasting self-confidence that is needed to take advantage of big opportunities or next steps. This may lead to procrastination, anxiety and ultimately poor execution in those moments when it really counts. Questions like: What does it take to be at your best when it really matters? What information are we missing? Can anyone learn it or is it for the lucky few who are born with talent? These questions and more will be answered in this long awaited holistic workshop.

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Take Aways:
– Learn the secrets behind ongoing success and how anybody can master them.
– Get the 4 simple but proven areas that result in reliable peak performance.
– Practice techniques on how to generate, convert and maintain what elite performers call
“Getting into the zone / Flow State” so that you too can achieve your goals consistently.
– Gain an understanding of why most of us procrastinate on the things we really want to achieve and take steps to avoid this in your business or life.
– Understand why focusing on core strengths or strategies alone, no longer cut it in business or life achieve in today’s marketplace.
– Discover the number 1 missing ingredient that will ensure you can materialize on all your business or life intentions this year.
– Learn about the difference between power vs force and the impact it has on leading others

Aaron​ ​Mashano

Date & Time:
Mar 14, 2018; 3 – 4 PM

Open for Public, Free!


About Start Results Coaching:
Start Results is Singapore based, Online Startup-Coaching Business focused on givingEntrepreneurs time-tested guidance on how to build a startup successfully from Scratch. WE achieve this by utilizing the SRM Coaching Model that has worked for over 400 Startup Founders across 4 continents by combining 3 things: A REAL accountability partner (your dedicated SR accredited coach), proven simple startup tools and a tailored coaching program that results in traction in your business efforts.

About the facilitator :
Aaron is the Founder and Head Coach at Start Results. He was born in Zambia, later, moved to Australia to study Law and Commerce at the University of Sydney. While studying, he set up numerous successful business ventures that enabled him and his clients to live more successfully and make a bigger difference in their communities. During this time, Aaron recognized that the level of his success was a direct result of his ability to help others succeed as well. Helping start-ups to be successful companies is not just his passion, it has become his calling.

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