– Coworking Space Bali – Online Dating for Digital Nomads

Coworking Space Bali

– Coworking Space Bali – Online Dating for Digital Nomads and location independent people.

Do you find it hard finding a remote partner or soulmate who is just as passionate about traveling and working from all over the world, as you are? Who is also sharing your values and interests?

Believe it or not, but soon you will be able to date like minded people who live and work location independently, with the new dating app from Nomad Soulmates.

As a CoWorking space in Bali we think this service is not only a great idea but much wanted from many nomads, so we decided to partner with them.

I’ve been location independent for years now, and one of the hardest things about being a digital nomad or someone who has the freedom to travel, is to finding a soulmate that can travel with me.  – Johnny FD.

I started to crave the adventure of location independency and the freedom to be my own boss. To me this is the ideal lifestyle – making friends from anywhere in the world, being able to step into different cultures, explore new cities and taste different food, being my own boss. However I also had to realize quickly that this lifestyle makes dating or relationships extremely difficult, as the special ones you meet often already have different plans and you’re running out of time to actually get to know each other.  Or  – they are not able to move with you.

A team of passionate Nomads who know the struggles started to work on a solution to make it easier for single nomads connecting and finding each other: Nomad Soulmates is going to be a dating app for location independent people suited to their specific needs:

  • find a location independent audience, to connect with likeminded people who get you (freelancer, online entrepreneurs, digital nomads – everyone who has the freedom to travel)
  • matching travel plans, so you will actually have time to meet each other in person in your current or next location.
  • their goal is also making it possible for you to have the option meeting up with your soulmate date in social gatherings like CoWorking-space events, meetups and more.

Over 6500 nomads are already part of their community and are looking forward to their dating app.

I have been wondering if a group or app like this exists. I’m so nomadic at certain times at the year that regular dating apps are just useless. I’m so glad that you guys are pursuing this idea and am so pleased to help support how I can. – Nomad Soulmates Facebook group member.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign and consider backing them in exchange for some original and valuable perks related to the app.

It is a beautiful project that allows you to be fully involved in their development process. We are excited about Nomad Soulmates’ journey and hope it will help you finding your nomadic soulmate.

Check out their great deals. on pro-membership and more.


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